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My Creepypasta O.C (it's my real one now)
EDIT: I changed her name because to me, Maya doesn't really sound like a russain name

Real Name: Mara Morozov 

CreepyPasta Name: Mable Mara
Age: 17

Gender: Female ♀

Height: 5'1

Weight: 110

Sexuality: Asexual (It means without sexual feelings or associations.)

Nationality: Russian

Species: Human

Apperance: Dirty blonde hair in a pixie cut, black backwords cap, brown sweater that's always rolled up, grey leggings, green eyes, grey bandana, black tanktop, grey gloves, black and grey boots, pouch

Personality: Anti-social, Ruthless, Rude, Observing, Emotionless, Resourceful, Intelligent, Charming

Disorders: Bipolar, Anxiety, Sociopath, OCD

Ablities: Fast reflexes, Stealthy, Strong-ish (About 7.5ish)

Weapon(s): She uses a glass shard for close range and a bow and arrow for long range. Sometimes she might use her knife. (The knife and glass shard are in her pouch)

If something goes wrong, she will be pissed and just quit after killing her vitcim.
She can be too reckless at times, hurting herself or others.
Sometimes when she's mad she might accidentally hurt someone.
She's always bored.

Way of Killing: Mara first meets someone either in a bar, at a party, anywhere really. Then she befriends them (That's why she looks normal), slowly becoming one of their best friends.  Then she asks if they can go to the vitcim's house. If they say yes, she'll wait until the least expected moment and then, the stabs them with her glass shard, and smiles menacingly before slitting their throats. If they saw no, she'll stalk them and see where they live, then late at night she'll go to the victim's house and (she'll usually be far away) shoots them with her bow at the leg so they wake up and can't run away. (If she's too far away she'll do it quickly, even if she doesn't enjoy it) then walks toward then with a menacing stare and will stab them.

When Mara was 15, late at night someone broke into her house and murdered her mom and dad. Mara had a good life, never got abused, none of that, that changed that night. When the murderer came into her room she was already awake becuase of her parent's screaming pleas, she broke her window and was about to escape but the murderer barged into her room. Since she couldn't escape she decided to grab a shard of glass and stab the murderer, so she did just that. She then ran away after grabbing a bandana her parents gave her.
 Mara was terrified that the murderer was gonna get her. She was always anxious, she was slowly turning insane because of that tramatizing moment, she would blame herself saying "it should have been me," or "It's all my fault." After monthes or her being terrified and anxious, Mara decided to hunt for the muderer and kill him before he kills her or more people (She still cared about people), she will give him a slow and painful death. So she went and bought all the supplies she needed and headed out for the murderer. After finding the murderer and stabbing him, leaving him to die of blood loss she noticed that she liked how it gave her an adrenaline, she noticed she didn't any more stress anymore. She soon met Slenderman after a yearof stalking Mara, Slenderman decided she should take his tests that would determine if she's able to become one of his proxies or not, and she passed so now she's one of Slenderman's proxies. (That's when she became ruthless and emotionless.)



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